A ride into the sensustrial Ruhr district

Loveronika in the house, she has taken her time to give us all her personal take on senses. A beautiful ride through parts of the Ruhr district, from Essen to Unna.


A personalized trip by Veronika. 

On this beautiful sunny day in November I had a free afternoon all of a sudden.


I hadn’t done a walk along the Ruhr in Essen for a while and I finally had the opportunity to test my new camera and to enjoy the beautiful autumn sun.


I have done this walk before, but each time it seems to be different.

It depends on the season, on the sun, the wind, the temperature and also on ones own perception.


Sometimes you don’t need to explore new territories but just walk were you have always been walking and pay attention to what has always been there but now looks different or that you just didn’t realize before.


It is indeed possible to feel your senses just by doing a walk around the corner or by choosing a nice area in your city.


With time on your hand you will be able to pay attention to everything around you in a completely different manner, all the little things that comes across your path and which you normally don’t see when passing in a rush and just trying to get from A to B.


You will find a lot of interesting and beautiful things. Oh and make sure to take photos on your way!

Centre for international light art in Unna, Germany

Enjoy light art in the cellar rooms of a former brewery on 2,500 square meters.

Explore light, art and – your senses!

It is so nice to watch the different light art objects by various artists and really awakes, inspires and even tests your senses. My favorite light object is a whole room full of slowly changing colors on white walls. You cannot tell where the room ends, how big it was and if it had corners or not. Oh and you have to be careful not to run into a wall, using your hands to find out where the room was ending.




German: http://www.lichtkunst-unna.de/

English: http://www.lichtkunst-unna.de/en/start-page.html

Artist info

Name: Veronika

City: Essen

Country: Germany

Profession: Designer, songwriter, musician, hedonist, visionary

Website: www.veronika-caspers.de & www.thecherrypops.com

A short biography: Born in Essen, Germany, Veronika grew up in an industrial area which has been transformed into a green city and also into an international place for art and design. She has studied (and finished) law but found that art, design and music are much more interesting. Apart from designing different websites and print stuff, she loves to see art exhibitions, be inspired by good design, listening to music and write songs herself.

*All rights to the posted images belongs to Veronika Caspers

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