About blog

Welcome to my blog,  I’m no blogger but I’m here to talk about senses so that one day I might become one, so don’t blog me out just yet.

This blog was born to tell stories, spark senses into people and to simply celebrate them fair and square.

sseennsseess hope or goal with this blog is to create a portfolio of unique and intense stories told by genuine people whether being an artist, CEO or just your random next door guy or girl who has lived stories to tell, stories that talks to, about and/or touches your senses through words, visually using images or through music.

The project leaves space for an improvised, open, genuine, honest and heartfelt interpretation of what senses are and mean to the contributor alternatively telling the stories through a feature on the person behind the role.

Any story or feature that contributes to this blog represents a true passion and celebrates the sense of love, music, art, cinema, gastronomy and anything else that might touch your senses and feelings.

Mind-blow the world and bring us back to our senses!


sseennsseess –a bag full of senses..


Please follow sseennsseess on facebook too: https://m.facebook.com/sseennsseess


A special thank you to Mika Taanila for inspiring me to (and letting me) use a name of one of his projects. Thank you Mika! (mikataanila.com) 

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