About me



Former drummer of Danish punk-rock’n’roll outfit Columbian Neckties…years ago! records, tours and heaps of fun! Best features? breaking cymbals and having an awesome hair day!

The past allowed me to concert organizing anything from Australian rock stars Cosmic Psychos to American experimental singer/songwriter Jessica Bailiff to Japanese wild cats Mummy & The Peepshow! Not to forget two rock festival episodes of Grrrls Riot! ..full of international artists, broadcasted in National Danish Radio and yes they were all grrrrls!!

Music is a statement, not written anywhere like lyrics for instance. It speaks for itself, the rhythms are pounding messages right into your veins and brains. I adore any music that can make a day seem like no other day I have ever experienced before. Early and contemporary rock music, surf, gospel, country, roots, cumbia, boogaloo, samba…you name it, every style and genre can bring you into a universe of it’s very own.

Oh and for movies, talk about hitting your senses with a firm fist by all time fave director Aki Kaurismäki! Also really passionate about Latin & South American contemporary movies, an explosion of social realism and tragic tales rapped up in colorful and cheerful approaches where hope continues to live in everyone’s heart…very fascinating and life-affirming! Alegría!

Otherwise passionate about tropical beaches, exploring wines, artisanal beers, single estate and direct trade coffee, coconuts, gastronomy in general, oh and did I mention tropical beaches??

Current status: Living in Italy, enjoying the smog of Milan and turned into a sensitive kinda guy..can’t you tell?

Suck it up and let’s play ball !!

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