Inner Spaces #09: Ilpo Väisänen + Miguel Angel Tolosa

Concert Review – Auditorium San Fedele in Milan (Italy) on April 9th, 2018.

Venue: 5/5 – a venue created for multi-usage but holds an incredible acoustic within its concrete walls. The management behind this venue is run by a priest, that’s right and a heck of a progressive one too, really cool and really dedicated and passionate about the place and these events. Only wishing they would upgrade their bar with a few non-industrial craft beers.

Atmosphere: 4/5 – this is the second time I am attending an electronic concert at this venue and both times it has been a pleasure. People actually goes there to listen to the music, no phones, no talking, educated people of all layers from young students to a more mature audience.

Sound: 5/5 – the sound is INCREDIBLE, this venue is using a sound system called Acusmonium Sator and it is literally a MONSTER! In fact it is so important that it is occupying the stage, relegating the artist to a spot in the middle of the venue. Genius!

Live performance: NA



Keywords: minimalistic, industrial, earthly and unearthly

Performance: 5/5

Ilpo Väisänen. An extraordinary exhibition of minimalistic industrial soundscapes of dark mouldering and pounding machinery. There is absolutely nothing random about the performance yet Ilpo leaves space for improvisations and a manual handling of sounds and tools. 

Ilpo Väisänen is an architect of an intense sound universe, at times you find yourself in a confused state of being either in an earthly or unearthly setting.

Here you have a maestro of an industrial symphony, it is like watching Ennio Morricone direct an orchestra only that on stage instead of people playing instruments there are machines playing each their own sound guided by the hand of the one and only Maestro: Ilpo Väisänen.

Imagine Morricone ending a show at the beautiful medieval open-air stage Arena in Verona, the standing ovations from the audience are never-ending, then re-scale that atmosphere into the Auditorium San Fedele in Milan and there you have it. The Maestro was applauded for several minutes!

The Maestro at Auditorium San Fedele, April 9th 2018


Keywords: dramatic, playful, chanting, haunting

Performance: 4/5

Performing an extensive set of dramatic waves, the initial sound space is dark and droning, yet while it is almost haunting you, the soundscape changes into a lighter almost playful atmosphere. As if there is hope out there, the chanting begins and takes you in and out of a dreamy state just to end back where you started…in a dark and haunted place. An excellent performance that really took the audience on an emotional journey.

Auditorium San Fedele


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